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  Ecosystem restoration through Regenerative Farming

What is Lina´s Farm?

Lina's Farm, an initiative by Orbolo, will be dedicated to establishing regenerative farms in regions where ecosystems have suffered significant degradation.

Our primary mission will be to revitalize these ecosystems through regenerative livestock management.

At Lina's Farm, we will embrace a holistic approach that will go beyond sustainable meat production. Our farms will exemplify our commitment to giving back to the planet, with every decision and action aimed at improving soil health, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring the well-being of the animals.

Lina´s Farm

Conventional v/s Regenative

Conventional Farming

Conventional farming prioritizes high meat yields and commercial interests. It often involves continuous grazing without rotation, contributing to pasture overuse. Biodiversity is compromised due to monoculture pastures, and the extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers leads to pollution. Soil health may be neglected, animals face standardized conditions, and carbon emissions during product transport are typically high. Customer information is limited, and there's usually no direct feedback channel. Conventional farming emphasizes meat production but may fall short in sustainability and ecosystem health.

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Regenerative farming focuses on ecosystem restoration, sustainability, and animal welfare. It includes pasture rotation and rest periods to promote biodiversity. Chemical inputs are minimized or eliminated to reduce pollution, and soil health is enhanced through practices like cover crop planting. Regenerative farmers prioritize animal welfare and natural behaviors. Animal waste is recycled as natural fertilizers, and carbon emissions during product transport are minimized. Customers receive detailed information about their meat purchases, and a feedback loop allows direct engagement with farmers. Regenerative farming aims to restore ecosystems, support sustainability, and ensure animal welfare while maintaining high-quality meat production.

First Project
El Gran Chaco 

The Gran Chaco Project will be dedicated to revitalizing and safeguarding this unique South American region. Our mission is to restore biodiversity and promote sustainable Livestock in partnership with local communities. 

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