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"Regenerating our Planet by Unleashing Nature"

At Orbolo we ...

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Enable the next green revolution, through global collaboration, transparent, and trust-based practices with the focus on regenerative agriculture.

Start by widening the awareness and reach of beef production with a positive impact - through

Climate Beef.

Build one of the largest, regeneratively managed farms and bring knowledge to the local communities - Lina’s farm in Paraguay.

The SDGs we takle to make a difference!

Our Projects

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Climate Beef

Climate Beef is part of our sustainability mission, aiming to sell carbon-neutral and regeneratively farmed beef. A significant step towards aligning food production with ecosystem restoration and well-being.

Lina´s Farm

An exciting project dedicated to the revitalisation of the Grand Chaco, an ecosystem in South America that suffers due to human activity. Let's join forces with nature and make this a thriving biodiverse edible ecosystem, through regenerative farming practices

What makes this possible?

Regenerative agriculture promotes sustainability by restoring ecosystems through practices like biodiversity, soil improvement, and reduced chemical usage, ultimately creating resilient farming systems.

Let´s Change The World Together!

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