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The contents of this meat box showcase 100% natural, grass-fed beef sourced from well-cared-for cows. We ensure no hormones, additives, or preventative antibiotics are used in our beef. The assortment of cuts, slices, and minced products represents a full nose-to-tail selection from the cow you've invested in, ensuring zero waste and complete traceability!


The meat in our grass-fed meat box is skillfully prepared by an artisan butcher and matured using premier aging techniques. The cuts may vary from order to order dependent on the different butchering styles, yet value in each box stays consistent.

The differance between the classic and the noble box are the cuts included in the box.


Our meat arrives with each serving precisely portioned, vacuum-sealed and chilled for freshness. It can be conveniently frozen after 14 days if not consumed immediately, maintaining its quality for future enjoyment.

Rosys Box 2,0kg

Sales Tax Included
  • Rosýs Naschmarkt Vienna.
    03-04 april 

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