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Meet Our Farmers

Discover the faces and stories behind our produce. Our dedicated farmers bring passion and expertise to every crop, ensuring you get quality, sustainably grown food. Join us in celebrating the individuals who make it all possible. Explore their stories, techniques, and the shared commitment to a future of sustainable agriculture. Welcome to the heart of our harvest.



Farmer Jose Luis

Jose Luis, a veterinarian and the visionary behind the Poul Tree project in Extremadura, Spain, has dedicated three years to this transformative endeavor. Poul Tree is a beacon of regenerative livestock farming, challenging conventional practices to prioritize animal welfare, environmental stewardship, and the battle against climate change.

Embracing regenerative agriculture as the cornerstone of his philosophy, Jose Luis champions a farming method that not only sustains but regenerates the soil. His farm is home to 50 cows, symbolizing a commitment to responsible and ethical farming practices.

A true advocate for rural living, Jose Luis embarked on this project out of curiosity, choosing to take the reins in breeding and raising his own animals. His journey led him to delve into the realm of regenerative livestock farming, where the trifecta of animal well-being, environmental enhancement, and improved human nutrition seamlessly intertwine throughout the production process.

Poul Tree's forte lies in the year-round pasturing of chickens, with Jose Luis at the helm, ensuring that each bird not only thrives in its natural environment but also contributes to a holistic system of regenerative farming. In an age where sustainable and ethical practices are paramount, Poul Tree stands as a testament to Jose Luis's dedication to creating a positive impact on the world through responsible and regenerative agriculture.

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